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    ‚ÄčAreas of Focus

As you read through these, please don't let this list deter you from contacting us if these don't fit your needs exactly. These are just a few areas of focus based on previous clients and outlines some of our previous experience.

General Life Coaching

Teens & Young Adults

We have worked extensively with teens and young adults. Parents have come to us with assistance on getting their teens back on the right track at school, in sports, continuing education efforts, as well as alternative routes to a more positive life. Young adults that want to work on finding a job, learning a trade, or even exploring entrepreneurship have come away from our sessions better and much more equipped to handle life's challenges.

Career Coaching

Identifying a path or even switching careers...

We have helped those that are still in school to identify a clear path to their career goals in addition to those that are already in a career and have decided to make a change. Together we can work to define where it is you want to be and develop specific, goal-oriented ways to get you there.

Transformational Coaching

Exploring inward transformation to bring  about outward change

Transforming who you are and your outlook, expectations, and how you respond can often times be just as beneficial as changing your outward circumstances. What can you do specifically to change a situation? What doubt or fear is causing your inability to act? How are your responses to these situations helping or hurting? Together we can explore these and identify/overcome any hurdles to achieving your desired outcomes.

Relationship Coaching

From parental and sibling to dating and marriage...

We are not a counselors or therapists. We do have counselors and therapists that we can refer you to if after our initial consultation your situation is a better fit for one of them. We do not diagnose or treat anything psychological as it relates to your mental or emotional state nor do we provide any advice or opinion in that regard outside of the aforementioned referral.

What we can provide is a sounding board for the ways in which you would like to manage the relationships your are intent on keeping in your life. Our coaching relationship is a partnership that would create a space for you to present ideas and goals for the relationships in your life and together we develop working solutions to manage and grow those relationships.

If any of this sounds interesting or if you have a different subject you would like to tackle, let's discuss it with an initial consultation. Initial consultations are always free. We are not a sales team so we won't try to sell you on working with a life coach. If you truly are in need of help that is beyond our scope, we am more than happy to refer you to someone that can help. If you are however in need of a life coach, we are capable and more than willing to jump in and help you achieve whatever it is you desire.