• About the Coach

Nikolas Blankenship

Why choose Nik to be your coach?

I am Nikolas Blankenship, a certified life & relationship coach. I've been coaching for over 10 years. After some time and recommendations from previous clients, I've decided to make myself more available to the general public. 

I utilize an honest sincere approach and apply it to reaching your goals. I've been successful in the past because of my ability to connect. I aim to truly connect with my clients to attain a deeper understanding of the goals they wish to accomplish and how I can help them reach those goals. If you are honest with me and yourself and are willing to do the work, you have a great chance of experiencing success.

Nikolas Blankenship


Why people love working with Nik B Coaching

So glad that I reached out to Nik...

" When it came to my career I was stuck in a rut and really didn't have a clue on what I wanted to do. Nik worked with me to determine what I was truly interested in and helped me with specific steps on how to get into my new career. I truly don't know where I'd be right now without him. Thank you so much! "
~ T. Ward

I thank God every day for his help with my son...

I spent years trying to find someone who could get through to my boy. I stayed up at night praying that he would get his life together. I'm a single mother and have always wanted a solid male role model for my son. Nik helped to connect with my son in a way I haven't seen anyone else in his life thus far. I've seen a complete 180 in the way he interacts with people and also his grades at school. We will always stay in touch with you Nik. I couldn't be more grateful for your help.
~A. Johnson

We used to argue about any and everything...

My mother and I always had a horrible time communicating. For the longest time I felt like she was hearing me but not really listening. Each time we would talk it would end in an argument with no real end in sight. After spending time with Nik, we decided that I should engage her in a different way. We found out that the way we were communicating just wasn't working and eventually figured out why. I worked on myself in the meantime and after some practice have been able to have meaningful discussions. I feel like we actually come together now and have even developed solutions that work for the both of us. Sometimes you just need someone to talk to and hold you accountable. Nik was just that for me.
~ B. Harrell